Is there a minimum order quantity??

Yes minimum orders of 15pcs apply for customised products… Smaller quantities are available to order but there is a small surcharge on these orders

What is the largest Kids size available with no VAT??

Kids sizes 10-11 and below are exempt from VAT.. VAT applies to Size 13-14 and above.

How long do customised orders take for delivery??

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of customised orders.. Some stock options may be delivered sooner than that but this will be outlined at time of ordering

Do I require to pay a deposit on my Order?

Returning customers will need to payment ready for delivery.. New customers may need to pay a 50% deposit and balance on delivery..

My team is in a final in 2 weeks what are my options here?

Laochra will work with the customer on urgent orders and outline what options are available here..

We have a team trip coming up.. Can someone from Laochra call out to see us on site to go through pack options??

Yes.. We are always willing to meet customers on site and go through designs, pack prices etc. to suit the customers needs..

Is there discounts on bulk orders?

Yes some discounts apply on bulk orders.. This will be outlined by a Laochra rep at ordering stage

I wish to see a finished product of my design before i go ahead and order.. Is this possible??

Yes.. This is possible.. The process may take a few weeks for delivery.. Once you are ok with that then we can proceed..

Can i mix sizes in a set of Jerseys??

Yes you can have up to 3 sizes in a set of Jerseys… You will be asked to outline what numbers you would like for what size on placement of order

Can you send me sample sizes for my group to try on?

Yes.. Sample sizes are available.. We strongly urge customers to ask for sample sizes if they intend on putting initials on the product

Is there a set up cost involved in logo design??

Generally No… Once the order quantity is above 15pcs. Laochra covers all design set up costs… This will be outlined upon placement of order…

Can i choose a design outside of your set designs??

Yes this option is available, but new design set ups come with a cost and this will be outlined at ordering stage